As a technology-first company, TriageNow has entered a stagnate market with the mindset of using technology to improve and expedite the process for the injured employee.  We have several industry-leading options to offer which help ensure an effective process for the entire injury cycle, with a primary focus on taking care of the employee at the deepest level.

TriageNow has designed a military triage or “Field-Based” approach which makes the algorithms far more applicable to the workplace injury.  Think of it this way:

If you are looking to reduce clinic and ER visits, does it make sense to use a process that starts in the hospital?

While there are standards of care that everyone follows, we are specifically addressing the workplace injury at its origin, and as statistics show up to 70% of workplace injuries do not require clinical care*

With proprietary, customizable software we are able to provide a level of client-specific services that no one else in the industry can! Contact us to learn how we can assist your company today!

*Liberty Mutual Study–2016