Atlas and TriageNow Strategic Partnership Delivers Groundbreaking Injury Prevention and First Response Solution


Grand Haven, MI and Gilbert, AZ (October 16, 2017) – By combining onsite and at-clinic early intervention services with a 24/7 telephonic nurse injury triage program, Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions ( and TriageNow ( have formed a strategic partnership to deliver a revolutionary injury prevention and first response solution for employers.

Atlas is an industry leader specializing in helping clients avoid or reduce the spiraling cost of musculoskeletal injuries. Atlas does so by offering the broadest suite of injury prevention solutions available, including onsite and at-clinic early intervention services and ergonomics expertise. Through a nationwide network of professionals, Atlas offers a solution for employers in nearly any location.

TriageNow offers time-of-injury telephonic nurse triage support to quickly and accurately evaluate the situation, provide care instruction, and if needed guide the injured worker to the appropriate level of medical care. By doing so, employers have a 24/7 first response solution for all injury types and can avoid defaulting to costly emergency room and urgent care visits.

For employers and employees the partnership combines the benefits of telephonic triage and injury care, with a unique focus on and expertise with musculoskeletal injuries which accounts for 34% of all lost work days reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and an estimated $20 billion in direct workers’ compensation costs every year.

“For many years Atlas has successfully addressed musculoskeletal injuries through face-to-face care, job coaching, and ergonomics,” says Jim Landsman, President of Atlas. “With our partnership, Atlas clients can now have 24/7 support that links with our early intervention specialists, ideal for off-shift hours or smaller or distant sites. The combination provides a comprehensive first response strategy specializing in the types of injuries that cost our clients the most.”

“TriageNow is one of the industry’s fastest growing telephonic triage organizations, driven by our exceptional technology and customer service” says Darrin Schenck, Vice President of TriageNow. “Our partnership allows us to direct employees with sprains and strains to Atlas onsite or at-clinic services centers across the nation, instead of urgent care facilities. Together, we improve care, reduce the likeliness of a reportable injury, and address why the injury occurred in the first place.”

About TriageNow

TriageNow ( is a technology-first company. TriageNow employs technology to improve and expedite the process for the injured employee. We address the workplace injury at its origin, focusing on early intervention and care that helps reduce injury costs and help promote faster, more effective healing.  TriageNow is located in Gilbert, AZ and services clients large and small nationwide.

About Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions

Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions is a leading injury prevention and management service and technology provider, helping customers reduce the spiraling costs of injuries within industrial, office, distribution, transportation, and healthcare environments. Atlas IPS guides clients to financially evaluate and define the appropriate strategy, and offers services that are uniquely simple, measurable, and cost effective. Atlas IPS provides turnkey support through the nation’s largest network of professional service providers or can assist corporate resources with the necessary training and technology. Atlas IPS is located in Grand Haven, Michigan, and additional information can be found at