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Farm, ranch laborers now qualify for workers compensation

Farm, ranch laborers now qualify for workers compensation Farm and ranch laborers are now eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits according to a recent ruling by the New Mexico Court of Appeals which will retroactively apply to claims going back to March 2012. The state’s Workers’ Compensation Administration said it will be [...]

Another vote for nurse triage!

Another vote for nurse triage! WORKERS COMP July 17, 2015 By Stephanie Goldberg This article was originally published in Business Insurance website, but is evidence of one more reason to have telephonic nurse triage working for your company! One in five small-business owners don’t feel prepared to identify workers compensation fraud, according [...]

Interesting Trend Research

Interesting trend research, and one more reason why a third party triage service is so vital Back surgery among workers comp patients varies across states: 6 things to know Featured Written by Anuja Vaidya | Friday, 26 June 2015 00:00 The likelihood of injured workers getting back surgery depends on the area [...]

Five frequently asked questions about nurse triage

Five frequently asked questions about nurse triage Although this service has been around for over 15 years now, there are still many questions that we hear all the time. I thought I would share some of them, and shed some light on how this service works. Here are some of the most common [...]


WORKERS COMPJune 17, 2015Recognizing overuse of physical therapy can aid return to workBy Stephanie GoldbergOveruse of traditional physical therapy can add to injured employees’ time off work and increase medical costs, but recognizing pitfalls can help employers reduce both, according to third-party administrator and managed care services provider CorVel Corp.A number of factors [...]

One more reason we strive to avoid Emergency Room visits…

One more reason we strive to avoid Emergency Room visits…. WORKERS COMP June 8, 2015 Some U.S. hospitals mark up prices 1,000% Health Care Benefits Health Care Costs Health Insurers Workers Comp Coverage Workers Comp Pricing Workers Comp (Reuters) — Even the astronomical price markups that consumers regularly pay for, say, wine [...]

Scary but true…

Scary but true….. Another one from the “Scary but True” department, this is the reality of Work Comp. WORKERS COMP June 8, 2015 Concrete worker hurt while goofing around qualifies for comp By Bill Kenealy The fact that a construction worker was engaged in horseplay when he injured himself does not disqualify [...]

From our friends at Safety National

From our friends at Safety National I liked this article, and the sentiment is certainly one we share.  Please see below for some great insight…… Critically Important Claims Management Principles That are Almost Never Used, But Save Lives and Money At the National Council of Self-Insurers Annual Meeting, Dr. Robert Barth presented [...]

And so it goes… WORKERS COMP

And so it goes…..WORKERS COMPMay 26, 2015Reporting delays tied to higher workers comp claim costsBy Sheena HarrisonHigher Worker Comp Claim CostsDelays in reporting work-related injuries can cause workers compensation claim costs to increase by up to 51%, according to the National Council on Compensation Insurance Inc.Claim costs for occupational injuries reported between one [...]