Five frequently asked questions about nurse triage

Although this service has been around for over 15 years now, there are still many questions that we hear all the time. I thought I would share some of them, and shed some light on how this service works.

Here are some of the most common questions we get:

1. How does it work?

This service is done telephonically, at the time of incident. The goal is to get injured employees to the appropriate level of care, while also reducing the costs of unnecessary trips to the clinics for minor injuries. Only a Registered Nurse should give this guidance.

2. How much does it cost?

Well, if you are focused on the cost, you really are not seeing the true benefit. For example, if nurse triage was able to reduce your overall claim frequency by 45%, do you know how much money that would save your company? Think of it in these terms; in many cases, a $10,000 program cost may save your company $100,000! Not mention the benefit of reducing fraudulent claims and reducing liability for your company.

3. Who is this service designed for?

It used to be the target audience was the Fortune 500 companies only; but now some companies are getting programs in place for the medium and even small companies out there. Every company who has even a few claims per year would benefit from a service like this, as it is aimed at reducing the overall claim frequency. This will help protect or reduce your E-mod, and possibly reduce other work comp costs.

4. What are the risks involved for my company?

As a Registered Nurse, the person giving the guidance on how to properly handle a workplace injury, the liability sits on their shoulders. In a country where fat kids can sue McDonald’s, no one can remove all of the risk for your company, but take solace in the fact that we as the triage company as first in line for that liability discussion.

5. How do I know if this service is a fit for my company?

Some companies will provide an ROI analysis for you. This can be done simply by sharing information with one of the triage companies, and they will produce a report for you. It is a great way to ensure this service will truly have the financial impact you are looking for!

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