Save Money by Using Our Medical Call Center

Every company is looking for ways to give its employees the highest quality medical care it can provide at a lower cost. With our Registered Nurse call center, we can provide assistance your employees for minor workplace injuries. By simply calling our hotline number, your workers get instant medical assistance from our highly-trained Registered Nurses within moments of a workplace injury occurring. The RN on the phone will determine what the injury is, and the best treatment protocol to be followed. About 70% of workplace injuries that occur are minor, and therefore can be treated effectively with First Aid on site or Homecare. Of course, some injuries will need a higher level of care, and in these cases a referral to a clinic will be made.

Calling our 24/7 nurse phone line instead of going to emergency room or an Occupational Medicine clinic will reduce the frequency of injuries reported to Workers’ Comp, lower the medical costs associated with minor injuries, and possibly lower your overall work comp costs. Here are some other perks your company can experience when you use our services:

Help Employees Return to Work Much Faster

Our nurses are trained to make decisions on the kind of care the injured employee’s truly need. An injured employee can call the nurse up to four times with questions or concerns about their injury, any time, day or night. Many workplace injuries are minor, and therefore can be treated quickly on site or at home, and therefore allowing the worker to return to their duties quickly.

Cuts Down Reporting Lag Time

By simply dialing your dedicated toll free number, workers can easily report their injuries the second it happened. In addition to giving care advice, the RN will also document the injury, and fill out the FROI, Incident Report, Provider Notice (if needed) and even the OSHA logs for the company. This information will be distributed according to your company’s preferred distribution list.

Avoids Unnecessary Medical Treatment

When a minor workplace injury occurs and you send this person to the ER or Occ Med clinic, they are going to receive the same care advice they would if they called our triage nurse hotline, but without the wait and additional costs. Granted, there are injuries that occur that need this level of care, but your company should let our nurses make that determination. This protects the company and gets the injured employee to the appropriate level of care.

Lessens Claims Frequency

By providing First Aid and/or Homecare advice, the injured employee can return to work sooner and the company can protect their E-Mod rating by reducing the frequency of claims reported. Almost every incident that ends up at a clinic becomes a claim, so let our company help direct only the injuries that truly need this level of care to the clinic. This will help reduce claims frequency, and therefore reduce your claim frequency.

With all these advantages you can get by availing our services, we expect your company to experience great reduction on your Workers’ Compensation costs, frequency of injuries reported, and to protect or even lower your E-mod rating over time.
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