TriageNow is proud to partner with the best in the business—MDLive

MDLive has over 25 million employees using their telemedicine services, and their tried and true service is the perfect match for our triage services.  With this partnership you can get:

  • Workplace injury triage services
  • Workplace injury triage with video to RN as appropriate
  • Workplace injury triage with video to RN as appropriate, with video to Physician or Behavioral Therapist as appropriate
  • General Health Telemedicine services
  • All of the above

As the Work Comp world rushes to add video services to their offerings, did you ever stop to ask who they use for this service?  How long has that company been doing telemedicine?  How extensive is their network of Doctors?

This is way we partnered with MDLive; they are the biggest and best in their world, which makes us the perfect combination for your company.

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