TriageNow is happy to partner with several companies that offer video Doctor services; we have working relationships already in place with companies that can provide this service to your company.

For the best utilization of Video Doctor services, we at TriageNow believe you will have the best outcomes by using the telephonic triage process first, as not every injury needs video intervention.  For example, if a laceration clearly needs stitches, adding a video to Doctor service will add cost and time, but in the end the recommendation will still be a clinic visit for stitches.  

However, there are cases in which a video to Doctor service can be very helpful, such as for a team of workers that are working in a rural area and far from convenient care options.  Or if a simple prescription such as a burn cream is needed, the doctor can prescribe this via video and send the prescription to a pharmacy near the employee to expedite the care process.  In this scenario, the injured worker can skip the clinic visit and go right to the pharmacy to pick up the doctor prescribed remedy for the injury.

If you would like to explore adding this new technology to your triage process, please contact us for more information at: [email protected].

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